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"On the 12 Days of Christmas" ...

refers to one of America's favorite Christmas songs.  It has endured as a tradition for generations and has been performed by artists all over the world from Bing Crosby to Beyonce´.  It's even available as a ring tone for all of today's latest electronic gadgets.


That's not too shabby for an English Christmas carol first published in 1780. 


Most of us were introduced to the memory-challenging lyrics as very young school children.  Perhaps that is why some vague form of the song lingers to return every holiday season.


Even though "the 12 Days" originally revolved around the days after Christmas, we have always liked to celebrate the tradition preceding Christmas Day...sort of a build up to the big event.


So, as a tribute to this song, we offer gifts to help you celebrate your 12 Days of Christmas.  Here are a few samples...


Large Place Cards...

If you love the song, you'll love our large 12 Days of Christmas Place Cards.  They're a wonderful addition to your holiday table or party decor.  So easy to print and assemble, they'll make your guests feel special when they see their name on one of the 12 Days of Christmas designs. 


This colorful collection will also work great as decorations displayed around your home.  It's a unique way to celebrate your holidays and share your joy with family and friends who visit.  Print your collection today...for Free!


Party Invitations...

If you're planning a Christmas party, it's a nice touch to send invitations to your guests.


We have some wonderful printable 12 Days of Christmas invitations that will add style, fun and personality to your party choices.  With twelve designs to choose from, you can print your favorite or print all twelve...they're Free. 

We've even included templates for the matching envelopes.


So let's have a party!   


Gift Card Boxes...

If you're all out of ideas for the person on your list who has everything, gift cards are always a great way to relieve the stress of finding something perfect.  But just handing a gift card to someone doesn't feel that "Christmassy".


So, we have created simple Gift Card Boxes to add style, thoughtfulness and joyous spirit to your gift.  After adding a ribbon and any other personal enhancements, place it under the tree or into a stocking to await Christmas morning.


Wrapper Sheets...

On Christmas eve, you're wrapping those last few small presents and you run out of paper.  All of the stores have closed and using newspaper just isn't that appealing.  What do you do?


We've created some small, colorful Wrapper Sheets for just this purpose.  Simply print as many as you need, then wrap and ribbon your gifts. 


Idea:  Wrap your stocking stuffers in the 12 Days of Christmas just for fun. 


Treat Boxes...

If you're having a family gathering or party for Christmas, our small Treat Boxes will make your guests feel special. 


Fill them with a gift, homemade candy, cookies or any item you wish.  Create a new holiday memory for those you care about the most.


As an added bonus, each box displays the words to "The Twelve Days of Christmas".  Why not join your voices in song at your next party?


We hope you enjoy your browsing experience today and will come back to see us often...





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