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12 Sweet Christmas Recipes


When it's time to hang the holly and trim the tree, it's also time to fill your home with the delightful aromas of Christmas.  Since we love desserts, we've offered a few special recipes that will tickle your taste buds and bring smiles to the faces of family and friends this holiday season.  We hope you enjoy these treasures.


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Butternut Squash Pie

If you've grown tired of the same old pumpkin pie for the holidays, try this twist on an old favorite.  The flavor of this butternut squash pie is sensational, with all of the spices that are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face.  Start a new tradition this year.


Caramel Topped Chocolate Thumbprints

These little gems fill your mouth with all of your favorite flavors.  Our Caramel-Topped Chocolate Thumbprints look good enough to come from a candy store, but they're cookies you can add to your Christmas list instead.  Please your family with these yummy confections for the holidays.


Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

If you love chocolate pretzels like we do, you'll be pleasantly surprised by this super-simple and inexpensive recipe.  Plus, you can use your favorite flavor of candy morsels and your peferred pretzels to create these holiday pleasers.  Great treats to serve your family, friends and neighbors or to gift for Christmas.


Chocolate-Dipped Butter Cookies

A melt-in-your-mouth recipe for holiday cookies that are sure to please.  They look like you bought them from a gourmet shop, but they taste like home.  Gift these Christmas delights to family, friends and neighbors...or enjoy them all yourself.


Chocolate Shortbread Cut-Out Cookies

A traditional treat served in a festive way.  Shortbread has been a part of Christmas for years, so we decided to make it even more fun.  We've added some cocoa and created Chocolate Shortbread Cut-Out Cookies.  Trees are our favorite, but you can make them any shape you wish.  Start a new tradition by sharing these delicious treats with your family this year.


Nutty Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you love chocolate chip cookies, this one should go in your recipe box.  It's a decadent combination of dark and white chocolate with the added texture of nuts.  Since the yield is generous, plan on giving some of these Christmas delights to friends and family to make their holiday season even sweeter.



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